Review of the 5 best UK interracial dating sites

Dating sites, especially interracial ones have become more and more popular over the last 10 to 15 years however, the main question that many ask themselves is which interracial dating site is the best one?. This is why this article has reviewed and created an incredible list of the 5 best UK interracial dating sites. The websites that have been highlighted on this list all have features that make them different from one another and they have various membership plans for those looking for extra features. No matter who you are, there is a site on this list that will absolutely suit the type of partner you are looking for, your needs as well as your preference. The dating sites on this list have all been closely reviewed to highlight everything that they bring to the table to make your choice easier however, there are a few things that all these websites do share or have in common. Majority of the websites do not take long to set up, they are free unless you want a paid membership, an active large community which is a good thing for anyone looking for love as well as a good search feature. 


#1 InterracialMatch

InterracialMatch.Com is a website that had been connecting interracial singles since 2001 and it is safe to say that it is not a new kid on the block. There are close to 1 million people using this websites meaning there is no shortage of people to chat with for anyone who chooses to create a profile on this website. The community on there is amazing and diverse. Users come from all walks of life and range from Caucasian all the way to Latino, Asian, Black or White. No matter the preference, there is someone for you on this website and there are a few reasons why this website is very popular.

Website features

  1. Standard vs. Gold membership features
Standard membership Gold membership
·       Respond to messages

·       Free winks

·       Add pictures (up to 26)

·       Private albums

·       Comment on pictures, forums and blogs

·       See latest activities

·       Access to mobile apps and mobile site

·       Initiate chats

·       Check out verified/new members

·       Shop up on top searches

·       Request access to a person’s private album

·       Manage profile/photo settings

·       See last log in time

·       Highlighted as a featured member

·       Watch all interracial videos on the site

  1. Lots of members: Anyone who loves the ideas of dating outside the team needs to sign up to this site because it is known to have one of the highest membership turnouts of any interracial dating site out there. Plenty of people sign up to this website on a daily basis making it every easy for one to find their potential partner.
  2. Zero cost: This website allows users to test it out for free to see what it has to offer and if they like what they see, they can go for a premium membership which can be paid monthly, every three months or six months.
  3. Identity verification: With spam profiles being an issue on many dating website, InterracialMatch does a good job in clumping down spam accounts and making sure that all their users are real. Different aspect of their profile needs to be verified like their pictures, their age as well as their job. This measure helps establish trust and enhances the reputation of the website.
  4. Read success stories: Nothing beats reading other people’s success story on a dating website. This is where users can get a clear inside to how other users found love on the site and how their lives have changes thanks to reading reviews and testimonials.
  5. Browse profiles: Once you are registered it is very easy to look up people by simply going through their profile. Users can initiate dialogue with each other to see if they have chemistry.

Membership price plans

  • Free members does not cost anyone however, users will only have access to the basic features the website has to offer
  • 1 month membership costs $39.95
  • 3 month membership costs $74.95 which is around $24.95 per month
  • 6 month membership costs $119.95 which is around $19.95 per month



Interracial Friends is a site that is all about making friends from different backgrounds however, those looking for a bit of romance in their lives are also welcome to use this site to find a potential partner. It does not matter whether you are Native American, African America, Latino or even Asia-America, if you enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life; this is the place to be. This website has some amazing features which will be talked about in this article.

The signing up process: Signing for this site is free and requires you to fill in your basic details to bring your profile to life like your age, your height, race, relationship status and the ideal person you are looking for. Once registered, one can start looking for people to interact with based on their country they live in, their age, race and gender. Not only can you search for singles, you can also look up couples.

Price plans: As pointed out above, registration is free however; those who want extra features can opt for a paid gold membership program which comes in three different price plans. Payment can be made via PayPal and a credit card which is good news to many people.

  • One month subscription is $39.95 a month which equates to $1.20 a day
  • Three month subscription is $74.95
  • Six month subscription is $119.95


This website allows its users to link their profile to their social media account like Facebook which makes returning back and signing in very easy. Another cool feature is the enhanced search which allows you to look up potential friends and matches easily based on ethnicity, region, photos and age as dating advice section where users can receive free dating advice from gurus. This allows users to eliminate users who are not serious or those they do not feel a connection with. The site has a very clever friends system which pairs users with those they have shared interest with and allowing them to search compatible friends as well as new members. On top of easily allowing people to link their social media accounts to the sites, Interracial Friends lets users easily track who has liked their pictures, who was checking them out as well as who winked at them. There is a forum section as well where users can share stories and chat about things happening in their lives. Lastly the website also has a “Lets Meet” option which is used by many people because it is like Tinder where users can easily say “yes” or “no” to other users based on location and looks.

Privacy: To prevent their users from being “catfished”, only basic information is shared on the site and those with premium account have the option to verify their pictures by sending over their IDs accompanied with the picture.

Final thoughts: Overall this website is definitely catered to those who love the idea of interacting with people from difference races and build a friendship or more. The tinder-style system allows users to quick say yes or no to people, get dating advice from experts, link your profiles to social media account as well as weed out time wasters. This site is a winner in so many ways because not only does it change your friends circle, but also your love life.


This website has been around since 2000 and has grown in popularity since then. Many people who have been on the interracial dating scene for many years hail this website as one of the best they have ever used on their quest to find true love. The best things that everyone who has used this website talks about a lot is its features which will be discussed before


Website features

  1. Standard account features: These are the features one gets when they create a free account
  • Browse users online
  • Use keywords to find users like pets, sense of humour and many more
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • Create a free profile
  • See people you have liked
  • Access to the “interested” features which allows you to swipe yes or not to people
  1. Premium account features: These are the features one gets when they create a paid account
  • Ability to see members who have waved at you
  • Ability to see members who have flirted with you
  • Read as well as reply to messages
  • Ability to see who has added you to their favourite list
  • Profile is highlighted with a special icon
  • Easy to get going: We all have busy lives especially in this day and age and the last thing anyone needs is a dating website with a long signing up process. This website is known to be a very easy and straight forward website to start and all one needs to do is just to fill in the important details like username, age, sex, location, preferences and you’ll be ready to go.
  1. Easy customisation: This websites allows users to full customise their profile and add as much detail to it as possible to ensure it stands out. Users can add plenty of pictures to their profile page and those with a paid account get extra features like the ability to share pictures and send each other private messages.
  2. High quality search tool: Users can search for potential partners based on their location, age and sex. Those with gold membership account can even perform detailed searches which have up to 40 parameters which allow them to polish up their searches and weed out the people they are not interested in.

Price plans

  • One month membership costs $13.99
  • Three month membership costs $26.97
  • Six month membership costs $38.94

Using InterracialPeopleMeet

  1. Just like every dating website, if you want to meet people the first step is to simply sign up and fill in your basic information. Avoid filling in unnecessary information because it can put off potential matches
  2. Add a very good picture to your profile so that users know you are legit. Make sure they pictures is clear and recent
  • Begin search for matches after completing the step above. Don’t be shy to send flirts to match to let them know you are interested in them
  1. If you have a paid membership profile, you can receive and send messages to other users which make it easy to connect to people and take things up a level.
  2. When a connection is made, you can arrange to meet up with your match and possibly have a long term relationship.

biracial dating


Interracial Dating is one of the most popular sites for people looking for interracial love. It is filled with plenty of singletons from Canada and United States of America who are simply looking for that one special person outside their race who shares the same interest as them. Thanks to this website, one can easily connect with others thanks to some of its incredible features.

Interracial Dating Features

  1. Plenty of people to choose from: The website has a very active community and has thousands of people online every day. This is a good feature because no one want to join a dating site that does not have people online because that would certainly be a waste of time. When one registers on this site, they will notice that they will find thousands of people online which maximises their chances of finding love.
  2. The search bar is easy and quick to use: A website that is difficult to navigate can put people off using however, Interracial Dating is different because you can quickly and easily search through the many profiles to find one that interests you. You have the options of using different search filters and results can be displayed in a gallery form where you can see basic information like a person’s location, picture, age and more.
  • You can find dating advise if you need it: It is hard to find good dating advice these days however, Interracial Dating has a blog that’s is dedicated to helping people who are new to the interracial dating world with tips and tricks to help them in their quest for love.
  1. Effective communication: Users can chat in so many ways and one of them is through the use of send each other anonymous chats. This lets people protect their identity until they are comfortable with someone and there’s a webcam feature for those who enjoy video calls. Private chat rooms can also be set up where people can share intimate details about themselves if they please.

Membership cost

While registration is free on this site just like many other interracial dating websites, there is also a VIP membership that is available for those looking for added features. The cost of the membership does vary and it is based on length of membership one prefers.

  1. 1 month membership costs $19.95
  2. 3 month membership costs $13.17 per month
  • 6 month membership costs $11.63 per month

How does Interracial Dating work?

  1. Setting up: The first thing that needs to be done is to create a profile which potential matches can look at online. Adding your best picture helps a lot because it brings your best personality to the forefront.
  2. Search and explore: After setting up a profile, it is time to browse and interact with other members both new and old. Users can create a favourite list of profiles that are of interest to them.
  • Begin chatting: If you own a premium account or membership, you can initiate conversations with people using methods such as webcams, private messages and chat rooms.

swirl dating



Swirlr is a very well known name in the interracial dating scene and has received a lot of rave reviews from people who have been using it for years because of its awesome features. A lot of users have experienced plenty of success using this website and have in fact found soul mates on it because this site lets them interact with like minded people.

Features of Swirlr

  1. Starting up: You start by filling in your personal information because if you leave that section empty, the chances of chatting with new people will be very low.
  2. You do not have to pay: Many interracial dating sites out there are free to sign up but anyone who wants to get the best out of the website like the ability to see who has viewed their profile or if their messages have been read can simply opt for a paid membership which is not very costly.
  • Other features: If you happen to have a VIP membership on Swirlr, you will enjoy plenty of cool features which are not available to those with a basis account like
  • Receive and send unlimited emails to users
  • The ability to webcam with potential partners to know each other better
  • Access to chat rooms which helps a person pick from a large pool of partners at the same time
  • Top quality privacy setting which including controlling who can view your profile
  • Preferential access to see new comers who have joined the website
  1. Great search bar: Swirlr has a very good search options which the users of the website love a lot. It offers some of the best search filters one can find on an interracial dating site and it is up to individual preference on which filters to use to get the best results.

Swirlr’s membership plans

  • $19.95 is the cost of a one month membership
  • $13.17 per month is the cost of a three month membership
  • $11.66 per month is the cost of a six month membership

Using Swirlr

  1. The first thing one has to do is to create a profile upon visiting the site
  2. Make a decision on whether you want a paid membership or a free membership
  • Fill in all the necessary details
  1. Look for matches or browse other profiles
  2. Send a flirt if you have to and hope for a response
  3. Those with a VIP membership can use the webcam option and enter chat rooms to speak with people
  • When matched with someone you have a connection with, you can exchange messages and take things further
  • Always read other people’s success stories when it comes to dating sites so that you can know how legit the website is at helping people find true love
  1. If it happens that you are experiencing any problems using the website as far as functionality is concerned, you can speak to the support team who are available to help all the time and have a good reputation because of their quick response time.