The Successful Interracial Relationship: Finding a Partner – Online and Off


Society in general has gained more acceptance of the interracial couple; although much of the acceptance has to do with demographic areas. In the Continental USA, the largest number of interracial marriages take place in California, Texas and the South, with Alabama sporting the largest percentage of mixed race marriages. And London in the UK, Online social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have created an atmosphere where users can freely chat on an International scale with a very broad mix of races, ethnic origins and national identities.

Meeting Up

Typically, in America, the greatest number of interracial relationships occur in areas that have large ethnic and mixed race populations. In these areas where races freely mingle, it’s relatively easy to find an interracial partner. Social functions and entertainment centers bring out the mixed race crowd, along with special holidays and festivals.

There are a large number of online, interracial dating sites, some that are geared specifically to the region you live in and preferred ethnicity. When meeting up with a potential partner, relax. Be yourself. Don’t ask questions you wouldn’t ask someone of your own race. Develop an interest in the person and be open to cultural differences. Leave any preconceived attitudes you may have had behind. This is a person with hobbies and skills, likes and dislikes, completely fashioned by basic personality traits, not because of racial attributes.

Racial Sensitivities

One of the paradoxes of American society is that although mixed race children have been widely embraced, the interracial couple still lives in a limbo between acceptance, tolerance and blatant prejudice. If you have never experienced what it was like to be a member of a minority, you could find the adjustment difficult. You might encounter open hostilities in some areas you had always assumed were safe. You might experience differences in public services and the way you are treated at social functions. Even family members might embarrass you with questions and comments that demonstrate stereotypical beliefs in your partner’s racial identity.
The Road to Discovery

Interracial relationships are deeply rewarding. Your cultural experience expands, your world broadens. As your understanding develops, you help create a bridge that others can use for building successful interracial relationships. These bridges are often found in support groups within the area you live in, and can also be found online, serving a very diverse group of interracial clients.

Despite the difficulties encountered by interracial couples, the future is looking bright. Older Americans and British, handicapped by social and racial class divisions have a more difficult time changing to the new atmosphere, but the youthful, under forty crowd is far more casual about interracial dating and mixed race partnerships. Part of this has to do with the multi-cultural imaging displayed by the media networks, in sports, entertainment and music. Part is due to an online presence that encourages interaction in games, social networking and information channels. Just like any other relationship, an interracial one takes hard work, mutual cooperation and understanding, but the rewards are enormous. A successful partnership means a life time of learning and sharing in two worlds that have been united as one.