What Interracial Couples Should Know about the United Kingdom


Similar to the United States, racism in the United Kingdom is highly dependent on demographics.  The cosmopolitan atmosphere of London makes interracial dating UK richly rewarding, as do most of England’s other metropolitan centers.  Small towns and villages take a more conservative view, with many still believing races should not inter-marry, although inter-mingling is polite, if somewhat risqué.

Where Haters are Flocking

Outside the boundaries of England, you begin to see some marked changes in attitudes, especially in the more rural communities of Wales.  As many as one out of every three English migrants to the countryside of Wales state they moved there to get away from the multi-cultural climate of the big cities.  Their biggest objection is against blacks and Asians.

Some insist it has nothing to do with race, but culture and voice their objections toward dress, religion and social behavior, with the greatest number of hate crimes focused on young Muslim women and black Africans.  Victims of hate crimes have reported having their scarves ripped from their heads, eggs thrown at them and people walking by, running their fingers across their throats in a slicing motion.

Trouble in Belfast

Northern Ireland is probably the worst place for interracial dating.  In Belfast, a hate crime occurs on an average of once every three hours, and the numbers are escalating!  Police in Belfast state hate crimes have risen 43% over the last six months.  Crimes included not only attacking ethnic minorities in public, but vandalizing and threatening their homes.

Few victims report a hate crime to the police unless a murder has been committed.  They admit to living in fear of retaliation and negative beliefs that law enforcement can take care of their problems.

In Perspective

Over sixty percent of those living in Great Britain believe in a multi-cultural community.  Many are already of a mixed race.  The shift toward discrimination has been a recent one, after years of steadily becoming a more racially integrated society.  The main targets for overt racism have been against the Muslims, who have been blamed for the economic down-turn and random attacks of terrorism.

This belief extends itself into fair labor practices, educational opportunities and public relations.  In most of the larger cities and towns in the United Kingdom, you will find a great deal of tolerance toward interracial relationships, although acceptance is based largely on age group or on how much you are willing to accept in terms the inevitable racial jokes or snide remarks among the older generations.

Whether your interracial affair takes place in the metropolitan cities, or in a smaller town, you will still find a large segment of the population that believes multi-cultural communities can live side by side without interracial dating or marriage.  Attitudes are changing slowly, with British Indian and British Chinese being the most widely accepted for interracial dating, and the greatest amount of distrust toward recent minority race migrants.

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