Dating a British Indian in the UK


The British and India share a long history of mixed race heritage, with many of the first British Indians arriving in Great Britain over a hundred years ago with mixed race parents.  They quickly adapted to Western culture and are now the leading ethnic group in United Kingdom.  Their bonds with India, however, have not diminished.  Today, dating a British Indian is very popular in interracial dating in the UK, which could mean adapting to Indian culture as well.

The Indian Appeal

The British Indians are a handsome race.  If looks rank high on your list of importance, you won’t be disappointed by the appearances of your partner.  They are also generally very polite, soft-spoken and well -educated.  Many British Indians are academicians, lawyers, doctors or successful business people.

British Indians are fond of well-prepared foods.  The culinary diet in Great Britain’s “Little India” is rich in eastern spices and delicately prepared dishes.  While cooking at home is slowly dropping out of British Indian culture, your British Indian date will always enjoyed a carefully prepared home-cooked meal, especially if you’ve researched Eastern foods and have discovered a wonderful recipe.

Tradition Versus Modern

Traditionally, there is a sharp difference in the way Indian men and women are raised, and their relationship to each other, even among British Indians.  The men are raised to become successful.  They are strongly encouraged to seek higher education, and become assertive in their actions.  Marriages are often arranged between families, with the compliant woman giving up all sense of identify, along with property.  Women dating traditional British Indian men may feel their date is arrogant and insensitive.  While the man may value her degree of education as an important asset, she may feel he doesn’t value her opinion when discussing topics or political issues.

This isn’t true among the modern British Indians.  They hold stronger views of equality, and women take an active part in the academic circles.  They enjoy the arts and music of Western culture, but may still incorporate music from India and follow favorite Bollywood stars.  Dating a modern British Indian is like reaching a neutral zone between two distinct worlds; one that became established several generations ago.

Dating Considerations

Gender equality isn’t really an across-the-board issue among British Indians, even for those with traditional views.  Many of their values, which include commitment, family structure, and a strong support network of UK interracial dating are appealing to mixed race groups.

While the trend has been to become more Westernized, new generations of British Indians have been incorporating the East.  Many of the Anglo-Indians of today can speak Hindi and Bengali fluently.  They’ve integrated the customs, dress and social interactions with their Westernized lifestyles.  They’ve become the neutral ground where the West and the East to meet and work out their differences.  When dating a modern British Indian, it’s like dating two people rolled into one.