Interracial Dating and Dumping Tips for UK Singles


Are you single, love?  There is something very exciting and liberating about dating someone outside your race or ethnicity in the UK.  Maybe you’re attracted to them physically or perhaps their culture is fascinating to you.  Great…but what happens when you lose the spark?  You may enjoy the first date of UK interracial dating but gradually learn that the two of you are not really compatible beyond the initial attraction.  If this is the case, then maybe it’s time you receive some dating AND dumping times, that are politically correct for the situation you’re in.

1.Don’t feel too much guilt; it’s better to be honest.

After all, dating is merely the act of collecting information about another person until you realize that you like them, or are not that attracted to them mentally and emotionally.  Unfortunately, sometimes your lack of attraction is not mutual and you have to be the one to end it.  The best thing to do is to be mature about it.  Don’t just ignore them or lie about why you can’t see it again.  Understand that while rejecting someone hurts, it hurts more to string them along.

2.Talk about the race thing.

You may think you’re progressive for not bringing race into the issue, but if you never speak of it at all—and then suddenly dump the other person—they may think you dumped them because of the racial differences.  This is why it’s important to discuss everything, whether it’s how the family is reacting, how people out in public are staring, and how you personally feel about dating someone outside your race and culture.  The more you share your viewpoint, the more understanding your partner will be, even if the interracial relationship in the UK doesn’t last long.

3.If it’s not serious, don’t introduce them to your family.

There’s a lot of leeway on this lately, given that you can meet a person’s “family” as soon as you add them on Facebook.  But it is a bit misleading to a partner to introduce them to your family if you just want a casual fling.  It may cause the family to think you’re serious or even your partner to think you’re serious about commitment or at least a long-term friendship.  Suddenly letting go of someone after enduring all those handshakes, well, it is a bit rough on the ego.
4.Understand that preferring one race or ethnicity, and not feeling attracted to another, is not “racism.”

Believe it or not, some people will come onto you if they hear that you date other races or if they know they’ve seen you with a different-race partner.  And if you’re nice or open-minded, you might give them a chance.  Now then, when that relationship doesn’t explode with passion and just sort of trickles on, should you feel bad for ending it?  This is quite a silly situation and anyone who would guilt you into dating or continuing to see a person you’re not attracted has a warped perspective of love and political correctness.  Attraction is an individual thing and far more complex than people make it out to be.  Just because you might be attracted to someone who is black doesn’t mean that you like all black people.  And if you don’t prefer to date a certain race, you don’t have to explain why, as if you’re running for office.  It’s just a matter of personal preference.  So don’t feel obligated to date anyone that you don’t really feel attracted to!  There are plenty of fish out there and rest assured, you will never run out of options.