Popularity of interracial relationships in the UK


Interracial relationships are on a rise everywhere in the world and especially in the United Kingdom. Here, you can see more and more interracial couples who are going out and taking a step forward by dating interracial partners. And, this is not a abhor or a bad thing, it is in fact good to see that people are now really thinking out of their own race and getting into relationships with people of other cultures.

This shows that after all love knows no boundaries and limitations. It is a freedom to like what you feel for and admire the one you like, irrespective of his or her race, color, creed, or ethnicity. Moreover, today, singles are actively looking to mingle across different race and cultures in order to find a perfect partner for them. Certainly, love is love, isn’t it?

Let us see at some of the facts and figures related to interracial dating in the UK.


Romance is breaking down the barriers of race and ethnicity in the United Kingdom. It is quite being popular in this country in the last decade. According to The Guardian, almost one in ten people in England and Wales are into inter-ethnic relationships. This analysis was conducted by the Office for National Statistics.
Also, the census figures indicate that the number of people who are married or are living in Wales and England with someone from another race is 2.3 million. And, it has risen to 35 per cent. In this census, the people who are considered are to be a part of the ‘multiple’ or ‘mixed’ ethnicity. Also, the numbers have doubled, as in which were only 660,000 in 2001 have jumped to 1.2 million in 2011. Moreover, the mixed-race population is younger as compared to the wider population.

This shows that in the UK, interracial relationships are in the mainstream. People residing in Britain are experimenting with their love lives and are open to form relationships outside their race. They do not have any racist issues or prejudiced notions against another race.

So, you too should get out and try an interracial relationship to experience the newness and diversity of love. And, if you have not tried it yet, then it’s time that you try it. Do not shy away from interracial dating just because of other people’s opinions about it. Do not think what your family or friends will think about it. Just go out and try it, if you are seriously interested in dating someone from a different race than yours and make a meaningful relationship with an interracial partner.

Additionally, if your dating pool is small and you want to widen it, then go for interracial dating in Britain. And, why only the United Kingdom, you can do it in any other country in the world and find the ideal partner for yourself. It is not necessary that a person who belongs to your race will be perfect for you or the most compatible for you. Just try interracial dating and see how many new and fantastic people are waiting to date you.