The UK is becoming a racial melting pot—and that’s great news!


One in ten relationships in the UK is an interracial relationship, that is, a relationship between people from two different ethnicities, as per the latest census figure.

In total, no less than 2.3 million people in the UK are now in an inter-ethnic relationship. In 2001, 7 percent of all couples were composed of individuals from different backgrounds. This figure in the last census, done in 2011, was 9 percent.

Some ethnic groups, the 2011 census reveals, are more likely than others to be in an interracial relationship. For instance, 11 percent of Indian adults in the UK are in an interracial relationship, compared to 9 percent of Pakistanis and 7 percent Bangladeshis. White British people were least likely among all ethnic groups to participate in an interracial relationship: no more than 4 percent of White British people are in a mixed race relationship.

What do these figures tell us?

Well, for one, that interracial dating in the UK is on the rise, and this is perhaps the best time to be part of the black white dating UK scene.

The society in general is more acceptable of interracial relationship than ever before. And there are more opportunities to be in an interracial relationship than before.

Thanks to a large number of interracial dating UK sites, one can easily meet someone interesting from another race. These interracial dating sites are a big boon for people who want to date interracially but have not been able to do so because of their limited social circle.

There’s much benefit to be gained from joining interracial dating UK sites if you are interested in interracial dating. However, useful as these sites are, there are a few things you should make a mental note of to ensure safe dating.

Don’t offer monetary help to anyone asking for it
Most people on most dating sites are genuine people, interested only in dating. However, scammers are also present on dating sites. Some sites have more scammers than others. Usually, paid sites have fewer scammers.
One common modus operandi of scammers on dating sites is to use an attractive profile photo, which is usually a fake, and sent a chat invitation to unsuspecting users. Somewhere in the middle of the introduction, the scammer will make a plea for financial help. Don’t entertain such requests. Instead, block that person and inform the site administrators right away.
Choose a public place for the first meeting

Irrespective of for how long you have been chatting with a person online, you really don’t know how’s he or she is in person. Picking a public place for your first meeting ensures your safety and also makes it easier for you to bail out of the date if things don’t go as planned.

Be yourself

This is a cliché, but nevertheless it is necessary to spell it out here. On your first interracial date with someone to whom you are attracted, you might try too much to show the person that you are just like him or her by displaying stereotype mannerisms or using stereotype expressions associated with his or her race. Don’t do that as the fake persona can be a big put off. Remember the other person is dating you because he or she, just like you, wants to date someone from a culture different than his or hers.